IEEE-ISTO 5001™-2012, The Nexus 5001™ Forum Standard for a Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface is an open industry standard that provides a general-purpose interface for the software development and debug of embedded processors.

Standardization on this interface benefits customers’ reuse of their Nexus 5001™ compliant development tools on compliant processor architectures.Although the initial focus of the effort was based on the stringent requirements of the automotive powertrain applications, a general purpose standard has been developed, benefiting data communications and computer peripherals, wireless systems and other embedded control applications industries.

The Nexus IEEE-ISTO 5001-2012 standard addresses the increasing needs in trace and calibration throughput for multi-core, SoC designs, the Nexus Specification also adds support for the Nexus Protocol over Aurora. Aurora is a high-performance, serial data link layer protocol proven over a decade of successful use by industry leading companies. It is a low-latency, resource-efficient, open protocol developed by Xilinx that provides a transparent lower-level interface to the physical serial links transferring Nexus packets. Aurora enables access to the device’s transceiver capabilities and also lowers BOM cost through pin- and trace-count reduction.

IEEE-ISTO 5001™1-1999 is the first industry group standard published by the IEEE-ISTO. It is recognized by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society.  Historical copies of IEEE-ISTO 5001 1-1999 and IEEE-ISTO 5001-2003 are available.

Nexus 5001

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