Piscataway, N.J., 18 December 2002

The Nexus 5001 Forum today announced the recent ratification of its Bylaws by member companies and also set expectation that a substantial update to the IEEE-ISTO 5001™-1999 standard will be released in 2003.

Approved by supermajority of the Forum’s membership, the Bylaws strengthen the relationship among the 15 current member companies of the Forum. Prior to approving its Bylaws, the Forum had operated under a common Memorandum of Understanding(MOU).

“The ratification of the bylaws is an important step forward in the formalization of the activities of the forum,” says Professor Arnold Berger, the Forum’s Secretary/Treasurer. “The Bylaws clearly outline voting procedures, the management of intellectual property, membership commitments and the approval processes needed to ratify the specifications created by the forum’s technical committees. Thus, the Bylaws codifies all the essentials needed to run a standards organization.”

Professor Berger, as Secretary/Treasurer, works alongside fellow Forum officers chairman Michael Healy of Ashling and vice-chairman Ron Stence of Motorola. The three men sit on a seven-member Steering Committee that also includes member companies ETAS, Inc.; WindRiver Systems; Infineon Technologies; and Delphi. The Forum’s 2003 Steering Committee will be determined at the groups next Annual Meeting, scheduled for April 2003 in San Francisco.

With its operating procedures safely in place, the Forum is focusing its attention on an update to IEEE-ISTO 5001™-1999 standard, the industry standard that specifies an open, global, general-purpose interface for development, debugging and optimization of embedded microprocessor systems.

“It’s been almost four years since our first release of the 5001 specification, and a generation in the embedded microprocessor industry is about 18 months long. Almost immediately after the first release we’ve been working toward correcting uncertainties in the specification, updating some parts of it, and keeping it current with the evolution of the processors it services” says Berger. “In the next release, which will happen sometime in 2003, implementers of the standard will see that we’ve extended the scope quite a bit from the 1999 version, which hopefully, will keep it relevant to the needs of developers designing with Nexus-Compliant embedded microprocessors.”

The Nexus 5001 Forum membership spans the semiconductor, development tools and automotive electronics industries. Although the initial focus of the consortium was on the stringent requirements of automotive power train applications, the overall goal of the Forum is to continue the development of state-of-the-art, easy to use, high performance microcontrollers. The Forum plans to release an updated version of IEEE-ISTO 5001™- 1999 mid-year 2003. generation in the embedded microprocessor industry is abou

Current members of the Forum are: Ashling Microsystems, Motorola, iSystem GmBH, ETAS Inc., Infineon, Alphamosaic, Delphi Auto, Lauterbach, National Semiconductor, Nohau, Siroyan, Wind River, Hitachi, ST and IAR Systems.

The Nexus 5001 Forum is a program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO), which provides administrative and management support to industry consortia and other standards development forums. The IEEE-ISTO (http://www.ieee-isto.org) is affiliated with the IEEE and the IEEE Standards Association. IEEE-ISTO 5001™-1999 can be freely downloaded via the Nexus 5001 Forum website:https://nexus5001.org.


Greg Kohn
Program Manager
Nexus 5001 Forum
+1 732 465 6486