The Nexus 5001 Forum is an unincorporated association operating under the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Forum (“ISTO”).

The governing documents of the organization include its Operating Procedures and Membership Agreement. All members upon joining the organization must sign the Nexus 5001 Forum Membership Agreement that confirm in writing that you have read and agree to abide by the terms of the Nexus 5001 Forum Operating Procedures.

The organization is governed by its Steering Committee composed of Non-Silicon and Silicon members. The Board controls the direction of the organization and its operations as well as providing for the final decision-making body as it relates to Nexus 5001 Forum work products.

A Technical Committee exists as a standing committee to work on revisions of the standard and other work products to support the goals of the Nexus 5001 Forum. The Steering Committee may elect to add additional committees to support the mission and goals of the Forum.

To review the Nexus 5001 Forum Operating Procedures, please click here and Membership Agreement.