Piscataway, NJ — 17 December 1999

The IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO) and the Nexus 5001 Forum™, a program of the IEEE-ISTO, today announced a significant milestone in their respective organizations, the availability of the IEEE-ISTO’s first Industry Group Standard. The standard, IEEE-ISTO 5001™ – 1999, the Nexus 5001 Forum™ Standard for a Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface, is now available for download from the Forum’s website at http://www.ieee-isto.org/Nexus5001/.

The Nexus 5001 Forum™ Standard is an open industry standard that provides a general-purpose interface for the software development and debug of embedded processors. The previous lack of a unified standard debug interface among the embedded processors on the market today has prevented software vendors from developing tools that can be used consistently across a broad range of processors.

“Completion of the Nexus 5001 Forum Standard is a significant step forward for developers of microprocessors and the tool developers who provide support,” said Arnold Berger, director of R&D, Applied Microsystems Corporation. “Unlike standard platforms, such as a PC, every embedded system is different, and the differences have been an ongoing obstacle for all suppliers to overcome. With an industry standard in place, we can focus on delivering value and innovation to our customers, and ultimately enable them to develop better products faster.”

Widespread adoption and implementation of 5001™ compliant processor architectures will result in toolsets being developed for use across microprocessor families from different manufacturers. This is expected to greatly improve the development, debug, qualification and tuning of embedded controller applications. Thus, standardization and implementation of this new interface will benefit customers’ choice and reuse of their 5001 compliant development tools on compliant processor architectures from different manufacturers. Methods and a process by which 5001 compliance can be validated is currently being defined to further support the global implementation goals of the organization. The IEEE-ISTO will play a key role in the rollout and administration of the future validation program.

“Motorola is working with the members of the Forum to advance the debug interface of embedded processors,” said Ron Stence, powertrain systems engineer, Motorola Transportation Systems Group.” The IEEE-ISTO is expected to ensure an open and verifiable real time debug interface standard for embedded processors and development tools across the industry. In addition, the advent of enhanced real time debugging is designed to improve the connectivity to the silicon, while reducing the development time with new and improved development tools across multiple architectures.”

Although the initial focus of the effort was based on the stringent requirements of the automotive powertrain applications, the goal is to develop a general purpose standard, encompassing all industries that will benefit from this standard interface such as data communications and computer peripherals, wireless systems and other embedded control applications.

5001™ Forum Members

The Forum is open to all interested companies. Members of the Forum represent all aspects of the technologies required for embedded control applications: embedded processor suppliers, independent tools providers, semiconductor and hardware development tools (emulators, compilers, simulators, debuggers, RTOS’s, etc.) providers.

Member companies include: Applied Dynamics International, Applied Microsystems Corporation, Ashling Microsystems Ltd., Diab-SDS, Digital Logic Instruments Emulation Technology, Inc., ETAS Inc., Green Hills Software, Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Hitachi Semiconductor Inc., Hitex Development Tools, HIWARE, Infineon Technologies, Lauterbach, Inc., Macraigor Systems L.L.C., Metrowerks Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Motorola Inc., Nohau Corporation, Noral Micrologics, Tektronix, Inc., and Yokogawa Digital Computer Corp.

About the Nexus 5001 Forum

The Nexus 5001 Forum, a program of the IEEE-ISTO, is chartered to advance the development, dissemination, promotion, implementation, and validation of IEEE-ISTO 5001™ – 1999, the Nexus 5001 Forum™ Standard for a Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface.

About the IEEE-ISTO

Formed in January 1999, the IEEE-ISTO is a not-for-profit corporation offering standards-related industry groups an innovative and flexible operational forum and support services. The IEEE-ISTO facilitates the activities that support the implementation and acceptance of standards in the marketplace. In addition to the Nexus 5001 Forum, the Medical Device Communications Industry Group, and the Printer Working Group, are currently organized as programs of the IEEE-ISTO.

For additional information regarding the IEEE-ISTO and the Nexus 5001 Forum activities visit http://www.ieee-isto.org, or contact Peter Lefkin, IEEE-ISTO secretary treasurer and CFO, at 732-981-3434, or ieee-isto@ieee.org.

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