Nexus 5001 Forum Webinar Replay

This webinar replay covers tool
demonstrations, use cases and Q&A

Featured Member – PLS

PLS is among the worldwide leading suppliers of software
debugging solutions and complete development tools for
the 16 Bit and 32 Bit microcontroller families

Organization Overview

The Nexus 5001™ Forum supports the use and proliferation of the IEEE-ISTO 5001™ standard (Nexus 5001™). Spanning the semiconductor, development tools and automotive electronics industries, Nexus 5001™ Forum membership comprise industry leading silicon suppliers, tools developers, IP companies, and end users.

The Nexus Standard

The Nexus Standard is an embedded processor development tool interface that helps design engineers rapidly identify software-and hardware-level problems in real time. Updated in June 2012, the Nexus 5001™ standard is the only open debugging standard in the world that addresses the emerging multi-processor debugging problems of embedded systems with a common interface.

Member Companies