Lauterbach has been participating in the NEXUS 5001 Forum since it's beginning and has supported the NEXUS debug interface standard for various processor architectures since 2001. Because the NEXUS standard gives a high degree of freedom in the implementation, Lauterbach completely redesigned its NEXUS hardware tools. Its FPGA based hardware debug tools are designed to be so flexible that they can be adapted to all NEXUS standard implementations. The NEXUS debug interface standard has become a very important and successful part of Lauterbach's business as it has been adopted over the years by a wide range of Lauterbach's customers.

From our point of view the Nexus 5001 Forum is an efficient network not only to have access to the results

Many of our customers require real-time diagnostics – for debugging, performance, testing and certification purpose. Their needs are increasing by ever more stringent regulatory requirements and the Nexus consortium is the right place to address such needs and deliver devices and tools in the next generation.

ETAS has been actively involved in the Nexus 5001 committee since the inception of the standard and relies on the early access to future versions of the standard. ETAS also relies on the ability to influence the future direction of the Nexus 5001 standard as the requirements for real time Automotive instrumentation evolve along with the continuing evolution of Automotive microcontrollers. ETAS has developed 3 generations of Measurement and Calibration tools for the Automotive market based on the Nexus 5001 standard. A fourth generation of tool utilizing the Nexus 5001 standard is currently in the development phase.