Why are we introducing this interface standard now?

Embedded control applications are now beginning to utilize higher performance MCU’s which often limit pinout access. Applying MCU’s efficiently requires development tools that can work closely with the MCU, however, these development tools need access to critical MCU functionality. We are addressing a strong customer demand for reduced customization and faster time to market for these applications. Since development, verification and tuning of embedded controller applications represent a significant amount of time and investment, it is imperative that both the semiconductor suppliers and tool vendors react accordingly to improve on current approaches.

Is this new open standard compatible with any available interface?

The Nexus 5001™ Forum Standard for a Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface attempts to leverage on existing technology and standards wherever possible, but since today no common standard exists, compatibility to any existing interface is not expected. This is a “clean slate” approach with a focus on embedded controller MCU’s and tools applications.

How is the interface different from existing interfaces and what makes it so innovative?

It’s requirements and specifications are based upon open public domain information. It evolves from existing interfaces, consolidating best of class features from several existing manufacturer’s approaches and then adding new capabilities that are critical to embedded applications such as Automotive. The performance capability of the interface is specified to be scalable in pin count.

Is this standard applicable globally?

Yes. It is intended to be a global, open industry microcontroller development interface standard that will be implemented on a worldwide basis across all markets and regions.

What is the Nexus 5001™ Forum?

The Nexus 5001™ Forum, a program of the IEEE-ISTO, is an industry group chartered to define and implement a global, open microcontroller development interface standard for all embedded controller applications.